The first few days and weeks of your baby's arrival are the most precious ones. A time when you fall in love, spending all your time watching every move and grimace of your newborn. Your baby will grow and change at a rapid pace. Getting them photographed within the first few weeks is the prime time to preserve that sleepy newborn look.  

Capture your newborn's early days with classic simple newborn photography. The ideal time for the sleepy newborn look is from birth to 14 days old, or the wide eyed look up to 6 weeks old. Although we can photograph baby at any age. Taken in the comfort of our St Peter's studio in Sydney, we take a very patient approach, with an assistant always on hand, both baby and parents' comfort is a priority.

Investments starts at $550 for a combined session and print package.

Get in touch to book in a time. We can work around tentative delivery dates to pencil in a session, then when baby arrives contact us to lock in a photoshoot time.

02 9591 5030 or email:


We wait till baby is fed and happy.

Relax in our lounge area

Coffee, tea and light snacks supplied

Change table and baby wipes supplied

Relaxing sounds for baby

Brings black tops and lighter colours for parents

Allocate 1 - 3 hours


Newborn Gallery